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Beisho is sad to report the passing of two of Okinawa's senior and prestigious masters, apparently within days of each other.

Shimabuku Eizo (1925-2017) was a 10th dan Hanshi who had led the Shobayashi branch of Shorin-ryu karate since the late 1950s. A student of Kiyan Chotoku and Miyagi Chojun, he also trained under Motobu Choki and studied weaponry with Taira Shinken. He was the younger brother of Isshin-ryu founder Shimabuku Tatsuo, under whom he also studied. He will be sorely missed by his many Okinawan and foreign students. More information can be found about him at his style's official website,, and in Christopher M. Clarke, "Okinawan Karate: A History of Styles and Masters: Volume 1: Shuri-te and Shorin-ryu."

Kishaba Chogi (1934-October 20, 2017) was one of the few remaining students of Masami Chinen, inheritor of the Yamane-ryu style of bojutsu. He was founder of the Ryukyu Bujutsu Kenkyu Doyukai. His older brother, Kishaba Chokei (1929-2000), was also a martial arts master. Among Chogi's most senior students are Oshiro Toshishiro and Nishime Kiyoshi.

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